Informations for speakers

We would like to ask you to consider the following points for your presentation:

  • Please be in the Zoom session of the virtual room where you will give your presentation at least 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Please sign in at Zoom with your full name so that we and the technicians can identify you as a speaker and give you the rights to share your screen, microphone and camera in Zoom.
  • Please make sure that you respect your presentation time!
    For contributed talks a total of 15 minutes including discussion time and speaker change (12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change) is allowed.

On Monday, 15 March, 14:30, Ta, Tb, Tc, will be a technical Instructions & Test Sessions for all participants who would like to find out about the technical functionalities of the virtual rooms during the conference and have a test session.